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GCSE Biology & Chemistry Online Weekly Classes 2021

Book your child our Medic-Taught science revision classes today.

Our classes are all about:

  • Exam mastery and the skills to get all 9s

  • Develop a learning system to reach students' full potentials

  • Learn from experts who can level-up their studies

  • Never have to worry about exams anymore!

We offer money-back-guarantee if you are unhappy with what you get, so that your child's and your best interests are ALWAYS protected. 

So What Are You Waiting For? Come Join Us Now!


Online via Zoom Webinar


Chemistry | 12:00 - 02:00 pm. Sat, 17 April, 2021

Biology     | 12:00 - 02:00 pm. Sun, 18 April, 2021


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